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Dix Systems manufactures the worlds best leak proof shower pan liner for bathroom and shower renovations. Check out our shower pan liner installation kits.

OneLiner Shower Pan Liners

Our OneLiner - Prefabricated shower panliner, The # 1 shower pan liner on Dixsystems.com. Available in kits or on their own.

Shower Pan Liner Installation Kits

Bathroom Fixtures & Renovation Parts


Shower Baskets

Top of the line in shower organization! These TileWare Shower Baskets, which are made out of plumber's grade brass, come in 3 finishes and 7 shapes and sizes. They can be put anywhere in your shower or bathroom as they are installed with the tile!

Crete Sheet Mortar Mixing Bag

Starting at $33.75

Unique Square Grates

Starting at $100.00

Shower Niches

Starting at $16.46

Shower Benches

Starting at $58.18

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