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Dix Electric In Floor Heating Systems

These electric floor heating mats, designed to go under any type of flooring: ceramic, porcelain, stone tile, carpet or hardwood. The Environ II mats are designed to go under carpet and hardwood and come in specific sized mats. Depending on the sub floor, I may recommend to lay cork over the sub floor before the heat mat to ensure that your flooring is being heated and you are not wasting money to heat a concrete slab underneath your heated tile floor. The tempzone mats are designed to go under tile floors as well as some types of hard wood - these mats can also be installed inside of your shower to create a heated shower floor! These tempzone mats come in a couple different forms. The first is small specific sizes to be placed in front of the bath/shower, in front of the vanity or in the kitchen in front of the sink. The second is larger sized mats, which are available in both 120V and 240V and come 18" wide and then as many feet long you require to make up your overall square footage (can be ordered by square footage required) and then the tempzone floor heating mat is weaved throughout your space. The good thing about the tempzone too, is that because it is only attached on one side of matting, you are able to remove the wire from the mat and get into the hard to fit areas.


All of these mats are controlled with one of 3 types of controllers, which are also available on our site, 7-day programmable (set it to come on as many times a day, any time of the day to whatever temperature), smart stat (turn it up or down to any temperature and never have to touch it again - unless you want warmer or cooler floors), 7 day programmable timer (program up to 14 on/off settings. 


Note: Though these mats may slightly improve the temperature in the room and can read the temperature above the floor, they are only meant to heat your flooring.