Prefab Dix Shower Pan Liner Installation Kit & Video

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It's more than just a shower pan liner, It's A Complete Shower Pan Liner Kit. This shower pan liner is a structured shower pan liner water proofing system for the use in any traditional mortar bed tiled shower floor installation.                                                                                
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Square Pan
Neo Angled Pan
Rectangular Pan


34" X 34"

36" X 36" 

42" X 42"

 48" X 48"  








36" X 36" Neo

     (18" x 25" 1/2 x 18" )

42" X 42" Neo

     (20 3/4 x 30" x 20 1/4" )

48" X 48" Neo 

      (28" x 28 1/4" x 28)






28" X 39"

32" X 46"

34" X 48"

28" X 60"


34" X 60"

38" X 60"

42" X 60"

34" X 97"



Don't see a size to fit your space?
See our discounted custom OneLiner's to see if there is one there!

The OneLiner, by Dix Systems, is seamless, has no folds, and is thoroughly tested during manufacturing to ensure it is 100% waterproof against any type of leaks. Our shower pan liners are *prefabricated with 7 inch structured walls (may vary within one eighth of an inch), which removes the necessity of including any type of backing between the shower wall studs. The OneLiner prefabricated shower pan liner can be installed with lath for mortar reinforcement or for ease of installation, install it with our all-in-one OneLiner installation kit.

The durability and exceptional design of our polyethylene plastic OneLiner shower pan liners means no tears, no punctures, and no leaks. In fact, the OneLiner can tolerate even the worst conditions during your shower renovation or construction.

To eradicate the risk of mold and mildew from “standing water” and in the event that water does find its way through your mortar bed grout joints, you can ensure the water will still be properly drained if you do the following:

    1. Install a pre-pitch beneath the shower pan liner (see our Quick Pitch pre-slope product)
    2. Install a think mortar bed (over the shower pan liner) prior to tile installation

Also, to ensure that your shower curb also remains leak proof, we recommend you wrap your curb framing with Bituthene Curb Seal.

*Another unique thing about the OneLiner shower pan liner by Dix Systems is that the translucent polyethylene plastic allows you to see where the drain is located. This is a great advantage over other pre-formed shower pan liners that are pre-manufactured with only one permanent drain position. With the OneLiner, you can use your existing drain location no mater where it is situated on the shower floor.

*The OneLiner gives you the flexibility of choosing both the shower drain location and the shower curb location during construction!

Dix Systems also carries RedGard waterproof roll on membranes for showers.

*Drain location and curb are created onsite which give you the versatility to place them wherever you choose.

 Prefabricated Shower Pan Instructions in PDF


All Kits Include:


25 Year Limited Warranty

*In addition to the OneLiner shower pan of your choosing.



OneLiner Advantage

This video will introduce Dix Systems' shower liners; the OneLiner system that is seamless and virtually leak proof. A great choice for those who DIY, as well as contractors.


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Custom Shower Pan Liner Available - GET ANY SIZE YOU NEED!

Dix Systems manufactures any custom size shower pan liner in any quantity needed.  If you need a shower pan liner size that is not listed in our product list below, please click here to contact our Sales Team and we will be happy to provide you with a quote within 72 Hours.

For commercial or residential custom shower liners please call 1-888-450-0112 for a free fast estimate.



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