CertainTeed MemBrain™:

The Smart Vapor Retarder for walls.




MemBrain™ protects


but also breathes

Note: Meets CCMC 13278-R - MemBrain will achieve at least the minimum level of performance for vapor barriers and air barrier systems with respect to condensation control required in NBC 2005.

Product Use: Used behind concrete board walls in a shower area where moisture problems are a concern.

Benefit:  Easy to install! Staple to wood studs or caulk to steel studs. Overlap corners 4" - 6" and seam with vapor barrier tape. More Information.

Order: Select From the Vapor Barrier Products Below

96 sqft of Certain Teed MemBrain -2 mil 8' wide x 12' long
144 sqft of MemBrain - 2 mil 8' wide x 18' long
Full Roll - 800 sqft of MemBrain -2 mil 8' 4" wide x 100' long
Our Price
1 roll - approx. 200 l/f
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