DIY Shower Pan Kits Including the One Liner!

PVC, Roll On, and Prefab Shower Pan Liner Kits


Dix Systems’ seamless, pre-formed shower pan, the OneLiner, is manufactured from a durable polyethylene plastic and can be installed on its own or as part of the OneLiner shower pan kit. These prefabricated one piece shower pan liners are superior to the common PVC shower pan liners because they are tough and extremely difficult to tear or puncture, making them ideal to work with regardless of the conditions of the renovations or construction site. The liner walls of our one piece shower pan liners are 7 inches high so the liners can be installed without the need for any form of backing between the shower studs. OneLiner shower pan liners are also translucent, which means you will be able to see the drain no matter where the drain is located on the shower floor.


 Prefabricated Shower Pan Liner Kit

 PVC Shower Pan Liner Kit
Roll On Shower Pan Liner Kit
Durock Fabric Membrane Shower System Kit



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